10 clever travel hacks for better travel experience


Everyone needs a few travel hacks to make their traveling experience easy, convenient and affordable. Though traveling sounds exciting and thrilling, it can at times prove to be extremely tiring and exhausting. Besides, several other unseen events or things can also take place at the most un-thought-of time. Hence, to save yourself from travel associated hassles and have an amazing travel experience, below are a few hacks you can consider:

  • Try and plan for the trip during the offseason:

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It is best to plan for a trip during the offseason when the place isn’t packed with a lot of tourists. This not just helps to get tickets at a cheaper rate but also helps you find food and accommodation at comparatively lower prices than the peak season.

  • Book tickets through the private (incognito) browser:

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Most of the travel websites keep a track on your visit to the website and each time you open the site, the price of the ticket is increased. Why do these websites do such kind of things? Well, this is done mainly to scare you into purchasing the ticket by making you feel that the fare is increasing. However, you can avoid this by booking tickets through a private (incognito) browser so that they aren’t able to track your visits.

  • Packing and logistics:

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It is ideal to travel light and pack just the things which you really need for the trip. This will not just help you save mental stress of carrying the hefty luggage but also help you save airfare money on extra baggage. Besides, you will also be able to make space for more clothes, without causing wrinkles or crumples on them either.

  • Planning the accommodation:

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Accommodation generally accounts for about 60 percent of expenses on a trip. Hence, you can opt for rented abodes instead of high-end, pricey hotel rooms. These are extremely affordable and pocket-friendly. Besides, you can also check out a few mobile apps which can help you find budget places to stay in a new place and save you money.

  • Use the Google Maps application:

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Google Maps can be used even without an internet connection, thanks to some magical medium. All you have to do is enter the place that you want to visit while you have a Wi-Fi connection and you will be able to access the location till you reach there, even without the internet. Although the location dot slides along quite slowly, it indeed works. This way, you can roam around the local areas without worrying about being lost.

  • Don’t rely on your travel agent completely:

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If you have organized your trip through a travel agent, don’t believe in everything that the agent says. Remember, the agents have their own cut and are not going to tell you each and everything. Thus, try to explore nearby places, lanes, free activities, and small establishments yourself instead.

  • Interact with the locals:


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If you have locals around you, you are good as they can prove to be extremely helpful to better navigate an area. You never know, they might end up suggesting an amazing place which you may have never thought of visiting otherwise.

  • Try and explore the local food:


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While you are on a trip to a new place, a fair way to meet your hunger cravings, without spending a heavy amount on pricey meals in high-end hotels or restaurants is by exploring the local food. The street food sellers and local eating joints will offer you a taste of the various kinds of cuisines famous in the area and yet fill your stomach. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, ensure that you carry the needed medicines. You can also carry small snack items like nuts, fruits to binge on in case of sudden hunger pangs.

  • Cherish experiences over material things:

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Though souvenirs are attractive and worth buying, try and avoid spending on overpriced things which would probably sit in your room without any real purpose. Instead, you can spend time on making new memories which would stay with you for a lifetime. However, if you really wish to buy things, you can head over to the local street markets instead of the costly souvenir shops.

  • Stay updated with the latest airline sales and promotions:

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Airlines keep sending emails related to their ongoing sales and promotions frequently. As such, you can sign up for such flash sale emails from the airlines and stay updated with their latest offers.


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