Why people should ditch augmented/Virtual reality and focus on actual reality?


You know this very well that your cellphone is responsible for being a distractive element and so is any other technology. When used in the right way for a limited time, it can be a boon to mankind. However, unmonitored use of technology can be particularly derogating. Augmented reality is one such element of technology that tends to superimpose an image generated via computer onto the user’s actual view of the real world. This brings in a composite view of what’s in front of us.

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Augmented reality added to your world can be pretty exciting but there should be a limitation to the use. So, let’s us brief you about some of the negative effects of augmented/virtual reality that will make you ditch the same.

1-Disorientation and Dizziness:  

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Now, this particular issue might vary from one user to another but most of them do experience dizziness and disorientation. This occurs especially after long term use of such technology. People that are prone to vertigo and motion sickness might not be great candidates for the use of VR.


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Cybersickness is a common issue with technology users. With augmented reality being on a whole other level, when you try to get back to actual reality, the overall look and feel are completely different. This is why many users complain of a nausea-like feeling post or during the use of Augmented Reality gadgets. With VR, you can see the twists, turns, and movements as you play a game. However, you cannot feel these moves making you feel very queasy.

3-Soreness in Eyes:  



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Just like watching a lot of television or staring for long at the computer screen can make your eyes tired and strain them. Similarly, VR or Augmented Reality used for a long term can strain your eyes and can make them sore.



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If you have episodes of seizures, you need to stay away from technologies that can invoke these issues and VR is one such technology. In a struggle to distinguish between actual reality and the virtual one, you might invoke the synapses that cause seizures.

Emotional Consequences       

Apart from the physical consequences, there are several emotional consequences of using Virtual Reality which includes:

1-Aggression & Depression:



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This is especially true for the younger generation who get deeply involved with this sensory simulation system that can detach them from the real world and make them aggressive. Being away from friends, family, and social interaction can make one aggressive and depressed.

2-Degrading Studies:  


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With time completely devoted to experiencing VR, a study is the first thing to be affected. Apart from that, lack of proper sleep and missing classes can add to the conundrum that degrades the student’s marks.

3-Improper Social Behaviour: 

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We can argue against this point but somewhere we realize that social behavior is the first thing that goes away with the increasing use of Augmented Reality. This behavior can significantly deteriorate if the character being played by the user is a negative one.

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Now, we aren’t being negative Nancy here, but there is a word called “Balance”. Augmented reality is a great invention of science. However, what’s all around us is way beautiful. Try to invest your time traveling, spending quality time with friends and family, and so on. Technology is great till the point it takes over your life, soul, and overall health.


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