Is it Easy to Implement Online Voting in India?


India is a vast country with multiple voting processes. The voting process could be simplified only when a flexibility rich online voting technology is introduced. This would help to get genuine results and thus it will make the process much faster. Along with that lot of time is saved so when the time of the ministers and other Government officials is saved from the election process then they can invest that time in the development process of the country. For implementing online voting in India, the first challenge in front of Government is the application of online voting in India by creating a secure online voting system. Security measures are not the only challenge, but there are also many other challenges that the Government has to overcome before applying online form of a voting system.


Below mentioned are a few challenges that the Government has to face for implementing online voting system easily and successfully:

  1. The security is always the main concern while implementing a new voting system. Therefore, there is a need to use a technology which is difficult or impossible to hack just like that of online banking system followed by banks.

2. The ability of high performance is another challenge. India is a country with a vast population and the number of people voting is also large. So, there is need of such a technology which is able to handle large outcomes from a large population.

3. Easy registration of voters is required. That means the voters are able to register themselves without much hassle. A large section of people in India are illiterate so the medium used for conducting online voting should be kept simple.

4. Along with making voting easy and hassle-free, it must also allow the voters to leave a comment on the entire experience. They can also suggest various ideas which could be used for development of the technology so that better could be brought in use.

5. As it is completely web-based service so there is the requirement of 24-hour emergency launch service. As the voters can register themselves on the website whenever they want irrespective of time and then cast their vote there.

These are some challenges only and if faced, then only it is possible to bring online voting in India. If the upcoming elections of 2019 are considered, the Government must take steps to launch this online voting technology as soon as possible. There are different parties in a race of winning and the voters must get a fair chance to choose who is going to run the country for the next five years. The online voting system will ensure the originality of the elections, as well as the results and more and more people, will have the facility to exercise their voting right easily. The implication of online voting could be done through an eVoting app that people have to download on their device and register for voting. Hence, only when a very strong app is brought to light then only online voting is possible in India.


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