Electric Cars as the Future!


With non-renewable sources of power depleting at a significant rate, the future seems all about the electric cars. The UK government aims to follow its motto “Road to Zero” by becoming the world leader when it comes to zero-emission technology for vehicles. The set target is to create 50 percent of the new cars with ultra-low emissions by the year 2030 and the goal gets higher to “Effectively Zero Emission” as we reach the year 2040.

The Criticism

Even as the introduction of these electric cars can help reduce pollution and reduce the contribution to global carbon emission, the idea has been criticized for its imperfect planning. Many industry leaders, especially the ones from automobile industries call this idea an “ambition-less and vague” protocol. The lack of proper charging points and higher prices for better speed have led to deliberate bashing for the idea. Even though the idea seems a long shot, for now, many industry leaders such as Tesla have been working on the same, thereby promoting a better tomorrow.

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Role of Tesla

When Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla started his venture towards the manufacture of EVs or Electric Vehicles, his ambition was met with skepticism and negative commentary. From Galileo to Einstein, every great inventor has faced his/her own share of skepticism but numbers speak and today, Tesla ranks as the world leader when it comes to manufacturing EVs. Even though the company struggles at times with proper cash flow, they eventually meet the targets and pass through the manufacturing issues.

China Takes Over

While the Trump administration hasn’t given a green signal to the production of EVs, other countries are making progress in the field. In the year 2018, China sold nearly half a million electric vehicles in the year’s first half itself. It comprises about 3 percent of the country’s domestic automobile market. China today accounts for at least half the EVs sold all over the world.

If it wasn’t for the efforts of Tesla, this gap amidst the U.S. and other world powers might have expanded even wider. Tesla is the United States equivalent of BYD, which is a China-based company drawing investments from Warren Buffet that comes with the massive commitment to the production of EVs.

Tesla-The Visionary

Tesla has also taken over the creation of EVs as an ultimate visionary. The company consistently pushes forward to the progress of the EV technology. This helps to innovate and improve the current EVs with a better and energy-efficient future. Tesla has also pioneered for long-range driving, over-the-air software, along with a network comprised of fast chargers destined to enable Tesla EV owners to travel anywhere in the state without losing charge.

Elon Musk has always been working on creating EVs that are sexy and sleek making it less of an object to be ridiculed but more of something that is desired by car lovers.

Future Torch Bearers

Now, Tesla has surely created a mark for expansion of EVs all over the world. But, when we take a look at the worst case scenario with Tesla falling from the market, there is no other torchbearer for electric vehicles. The potential successors in the market today lag way behind. GM’s Chevrolet Volt has the capability to travel 200+ miles with a single charge, tagging it as the closest competitor for Tesla. However, GM does not look forward to EV manufacture as the future given the fact that GM’s total car sale in the U.S. accounted only for 0.5%.

Nissan ranks slightly better in the market with its EV sales reaching the 1 percent mark. BMW’s sales for EV in the U.S. are at current best at 8 percent mark. These figures, even if low, aren’t a surprise, given the fact that the production of EV at present ranks as a proposition for loss of capital.


Even with a meager acceptance rate, the success for Electric Vehicles is highly crucial in several ways for the country and at a global level. The success of EV implementation will bring in success for the automobile industry. It will also help clean up the cities, improve air quality, and slow down the deteriorating condition of the current climate. As of now, Tesla ranks as the only company solely dedicated to the production of EVs.


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