Top start-up ventures in India that made it big


India serves as one of the best countries to give wings to your unique ideas. With the growing technological economy and the advantage of a humongous market, India is about to become the strongest tech market. In recent years, the entrepreneurs of India seem to have taken the market on to their hands. With new ideas brimming and the economy increasing the new start-ups have managed to attract the attention of investors not only in the country but also globally. We bring for you the list of all the start-up ventures that haven’t left any stone unturned in making their innovative ideas a success.

  1. INDwealth:

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The founder of INDwealth Ashish Kashyap’s very first start-up was Ibibo that dealt with online traveling ventures. After Ashish made his big exit from Ibibo he started working INDwealth that works for its users to manage their financial plans. At INDwealth they provide you with a personal financial advisor that guides with your assets, tax and loan management. Ashish and his team are all prepared to test their products on the iOS and Android platforms. According to the founder of INDwealth the cumulative financial status of the Indian families are going to increase up to 500k Trillion by the year 2025.

  1. Hospals:

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Danish Ahmed was the co-founder of Yebhi (online fashion store) and former Vice President of Paytem who launched his recent venture for medical tourism –Hospals along with the ex CEO Obaidullah and ex-COO Alok Kumar of Al-Shifa, which was a medical tourism company based in Delhi. Hospals helps the medical tourists exclusively in India by guiding them to connect with best hospitals and arrange accommodations for their stay, through their online platform. The team at Hospals was brought together to help its users in managing cabs, booking of the hotel rooms and flight tickets along with making before estimation of the medical bills, arranging visa services and provide translators too.

  1. Nuo:


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It is the platform for the crypto-currency enthusiasts that deal in managing your finance in the form of crypto-currencies. The founders of Nuo are Siddharth Verma, Ratnesh Ray and Varun Deshpande who will help you in storing, spending, and managing the crypto-currency that you choose to invest your money in.  Nuo aims to work as a transparent bank that will work for its users in a decentralized way, which means the borrowers can set their own interest rates and accordingly the lenders will be provided to them through Nuo’s online platform. Nuo claims not to interfere in the financial matters of its users, it is just going to guide the borrowers to their money lenders.

  1. Cube Wealth:

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This is another finance guiding start-up venture brought into existence by Satyen Kothari. With the Cube Wealth app, Satyen plans on connecting its users to financial advisors who will guide them to plan their financial future. The key offerings of Cube wealth are they will provide you your own financial advisor, recommendations on liquid as well as mutual funds and gold investment equities. For the premium members, a wealth concierge service will be provided on Whatsapp.

  1. CRED:

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The founder of CRED –Kunal Shah plans on making the payments of the credit card bills an easier task. CRED is an app that rewards you for paying the bill of your credit card. Shocking, isn’t it? The company will choose its users based on their CIBIL scoring that needs to be above 750. Shah has now partnered with renowned company’s like BookMyShow and ixigo to reward CRED users. Kunal Shah and his team are planning on building up their company based on the credit card bill payments and the rewards offered to develop long term loyalty from its customers and later plan on providing other services that will include insurance policies too.

The new generation start-ups in India seem to have some really exciting plans on increasing the technological economy of India. Here we have listed for you the recent topmost starters that have taken a great head start in the past year and will continue to progress in the upcoming years by inculcating even more amazing ideas for the growth of their ventures.


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