5 things the millennial generation is tired of hearing


If you belong to the millennial generation, you might already be aware of the unwanted stereotyping we experience from the older generation. We might be lazy, narcissist, or entitled but the constant bashing at times is too much to handle. As we transition into today’s technological revolution, we are the generation that has experienced the taste of two different lifestyles. We started our childhood with weekends climbing the trees, playing in the dirt, and riding the bikes. Our adult life now is being spent on smartphones, social media, and the portable form of electronics.

So, let’s get to the part where we list out the things we, the millennial generation, are tired of hearing from the older generation.

1-You are stuck to the phone:

The day smartphones entered into our lives things have started changing in a rapid pace. It’s been more than a decade and most of the career options, businesses, and many more fulfilling things are moving towards smartphones as a popular platform to promote themselves. Everything that we need to do, like study, research, look for jobs, and so on can be easily accomplished via phones. So, it is high time for the bashing to stop.

2-Why this vegan craze?

Food, especially vegan, is something that helps us stay healthy & fit. This is because the increasing level of pollutants and chemicals in the food has led to the accelerated production of organic food. We treat our body like a temple and changing times require a change in diet too. We do have our cheat days but yes, we mostly prefer healthy options.

3-I started working way earlier:

The older generation mostly had it easy when it came to acquiring a job post-college or high school. However, the increasing population and amped up competition has led to less chance of being employed. Yes, there are options to earn money but what good is a job if it doesn’t make you happy. This is why we prefer waiting for the right job even if it takes some time.

4-When will you get married:

Yes, we will get married at some point in time when we feel comfortable with someone to spend the entire life with. For us, marriage isn’t a compulsion. It is something that we do when we are happy with our life and our choice of partner. We often seek ways to enjoy life, get our finances in order, and establish our career before looking forward to marriage.

5-We aren’t religious:

Now, this is far from the actual truth. There are millions of youngsters that are quite religious. However, we do not force ourselves into blind faith. Ours is a religion of logic and better understanding. We are progressive with a better understanding of spirituality. For us, any religion that hurts the sentiments of other or causes harm to others isn’t worth sticking to.

We may be entitled, irresponsible, or terrible at our finances, but we surely stick to the moral values that help us create a better tomorrow. With a huge generation gap between the elders and the millennial generation, the criticism is obviously expected and we understand the nagging. However, some things just go too far and we would surely want these unnecessary naggings to stop.


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