5 easy exercises you can do to avoid back pain at workplace


Backache has become very common in almost all the age groups in recent times. Back pain is frequently noted to affect the corporate workers as they spend most of their time being seated in a position, without much movement at all. Also, a sedentary lifestyle is another cause of the increasing complaints about lower back pain. To get relief from back pain, one must try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, manage their weight, and perform at least minimal level of exercises to keep themselves from falling sick. While the acute or severe lower back pain can be resolved with proper rest and few exercises, the chronic
ones that last more than three months of time could be leading some serious health issues.

However, as an escape from the busy life schedules to maintain your health, in this article, we will tell you about 5 exercises that you can easily perform at your workplace to get instant relief from back pain.

1. Stand-up and Sit down without using your hands:

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The easiest of all exercises –just simply stand up from your seat and then slowly sit down; but, refrain yourself from using any support with the help of your hands. Repeat this process for at least 10-15 times at your desk and the results will amaze you. You will start feeling that your back muscles have started to relax and thereby you will experience very little or no pain at all.
2. Perform a torso twist:

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First take a deep breath in and while slowly releasing your breath twist your torso towards right, stretch out your right hand to have a hold on the back of the chair and use your left hand to hold the arm of the chair you are seated on. Do not overstress your body, stretch as much as is physically possible for you. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds and then return to the relaxing state. Repeat the same procedure on the other side too. This exercise will do wonders and automatically all the muscles of your back will relax and you will have reduced back problems without having to dedicate much of your time to exercise.
3. Perform a ‘leg hug’:

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To perform this exercise, you need to sit on the edge of the chair. Make sure to place your chair against a desk or a wall if it has any wheels so that you don’t roll over while performing the stretch. Place both the feet close to each other on a flat surface and lean over your thigh, in a position that your chest touches your knees. Let your neck loose and hands dangle towards the surface freely and let your upper torso relax. Now place both your hands behind the legs in a hugging position and try and grab your left wrist with the right hand and vice versa.

Once you are successfully able to practice this position, you can further extend the stretch in order to hold the forearm first and then the elbow gradually feeling your muscles of the back, neck, and shoulders stretch. Now return to relax position take a deep breath in and then breathe out. Perform this exercise thrice or more times daily, to reduce back pain.
4. Hug yourself:

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Now you must wonder, how this is going to work as an exercise? Well, all you need to do it sit up straight in your chair; place your right hand on the left shoulder and your left hand on the right shoulder. While doing so repeat slow breathing exercises to relax your shoulder blades and relax the muscles of your back too. Performing this stretching exercise is although very simple, the outcome of it tremendously astounding. You will forget your back pain within a few days of time.
5. Look up and release tension from your upper body:

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Whether you are in a seated position or stand that doesn’t really matter, you can perform this stretching both ways. Stretch your arms overhead and intertwine your fingers. Now turn your locked palms towards the ceiling and allow your head to tilt back. Remain in this position and take a few breathes in and out and then release.


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