Eating Out Vs Take-outs: How online food delivery has changed things!


Online food delivery has drastically changed the way people eat their food now. Most of us prefer take-outs over eating out these days. With the busy life schedules and work pressure ordering food online rather seems convenient than driving up to the restaurants crossing all those traffic congestions. Hospitality is now beholding different meanings. Sitting in a peaceful ambiance while listening to jazz music and enjoying a bottle of champagne and relishing food has now transformed into crowded places with a comparatively painful experience. So why not sit in your pajamas, after a long day, in front of the TV and enjoy some delicious food delivered from the restaurant? Well, let us dig in deeper and see what are the pros and cons of online food delivery services.


1-The Handiness of the services:

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Getting home deliveries of delicious meals after you have had a long day at work definitely feels heavenly. Ordering from a variety of options available with a few clicks on your smartphone is way convenient than driving all the way to the restaurant. Also, all the fun is sucked out of it, if the restaurant is crowded or noisy. Especially for the college going students and the workaholics, these food delivery services are exceptionally convenient.

2-Endless choices:

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The choices of food ordering options are just limitless. Browse through multi-cuisine restaurants and you can order food from any cuisine your mouth is craving for. Most of us are afraid of trying out various dishes to cook because of the fear as to how it might taste. However, with the online food delivery services, the choices are limitless and you can eat whatever you like starting from Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian, Mexican, or any other cuisine of your choice.

3-Saves Plenty of Time:

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Almost all the restaurants have quick delivery services that deliver your food within an hour of time. Almost all will choose to call up to their favorite restaurants and get their usual order delivered over walking up to the grocery store, collecting all the required ingredients, and then cook the meal that they are craving for. In a busy life schedule, coming home and preparing a meal can prove to be an ordeal. Therefore, just picking up the phone and ordering food seems like an easy option to save yourself from extra work.


1- Your budget might get disturbed:

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Cooking a meal at home cost much less than ordering food from any restaurant. Though it is convenient to tap a few keys on your phone and get the food of your choice delivered at your doorstep, it can be quite harsh on your pockets. Payment of additional taxes, delivery fees, tips, and labor charges is what makes the restaurant food so expensive. By cooking food at home, you wouldn’t have to spend on all those extra charges and can save enormously.

2- You won’t be aware of the cleanliness of the restaurant:

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One of the biggest disadvantages of ordering food online is you have no idea what are the cleanliness measures of the place, where your food is being prepared. When you walk into a restaurant and you notice the sanitation of the place, you can at least walk away from the place. However, in case of ordering your food online you will have no idea regarding the cleanliness of the entire restaurant and eating from an unclean place can bring along some infectious diseases and can harshly harm your health too.

3-You will consume more calories than usual:

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Whenever we order food online, our mind travels more towards ordering a pizza, some Chinese dishes, French fries, burgers, and rest of the food items that are loaded with fats. Have you ever ordered a salad from the online food delivery services? Of course not! Sometimes the meals that we order from the restaurants are filled with excessive calories that are just sufficient for us to survive the entire day, yet we eat more than our body demands. When you are on a diet or trying to maintain your weight, ordering food online would be the worst option to consider.


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