Top 9 life hacks to save you time and money


There are times when you get late for something and want to wrap things up faster than possible. Time and money are some of the most important assets one can have. Knowing some quick life hacks can easily save your precious time & money. So whether it’s a quick get-set-go move inside the kitchen or as you rush to the office, we are bringing you some of the best life hacks to follow.

1-Don’t have a curler? Curl with a straightener:

Need a new look for your weekend out with friends? Are you in search of a quick way to style your hairs with no curler handy by your side? Don’t worry; you can curl your hairs as easily with the help of a straightening iron. Al you need to do is, take a hair lock and roll it up. Now cover it with aluminum foil and secure. Keep the iron tight in place for some time and remove the aluminum foil. The result is just as good as a curler.

2-Instant Icy Drink:

Hot and tired after a long ride under the summer sun? Forgot to freeze your favorite drink previously? Don’t worry! All you need to do is keep a bottle of water in the freezer but tilt it so that water horizontally covers half the bottle. This way it won’t cover the mouth completely. With the open gap, you can easily fill a choice of your drink and within minutes you have ice cold beverage.

3-Get Rid of Ants:

If your house is infested with ants and now you are in search of an effective and natural pest control method, you can do so with popcorn kernels. Use the leftover popcorn kernels and blend them on very high speed to form powdered cornmeal. Just lay out few piles here and there, especially near places with ant-infestation. You can see them disappear from the scenario.

4-Round up your clothes:

Finding it hard to fit your clothes in the cupboard? Try rolling the clothes into cylinder shapes. This way they fit better and are easier to locate when late for office.

5-Dripping Popsicles:

Summer is all about tasty and flavored popsicles to shave off that heat from the body. You might see the Popsicle melting rapidly onto your hands and even clothes. In order to make sure your hands and clothes do not get spoilt, you can use a small muffin cup and poke a hole through the middle with the Popsicle stick. This will act as an instant catcher to avoid the liquid dripping onto you.

6-Aloe Vera Ice Cubes:

Looking for an instant freshness for your face? Aloe Vera will do just that for you. But who has time to extract and apply the gel, right? Here, you can do one thing. Extract all the gel in a single go and store it in the ice-cube tray inside your refrigerator. Every time you need a refreshing touch to your skin, apply these cold Aloe ice cubes and relax.

7-Keep Your Essentials Safe at Beach:


When at beach, it is obvious that you would want to jump into the water and play with your friends and family. But what about your belongings? The beach, at times, is overrun by thieves and pickpockets. Now, you wouldn’t want anyone to sit and watch over your precious belongings while you have fun. To tackle this issue, you can use an emptied sunscreen lotion bottle and stuff your precious items in there. No one will ever know that this normal looking bottle has your cellphone, earrings, etc.

8-Smelly Shoes:


The hot and humid weather of India tends to make people sweat a lot. It is obvious that your feet and shoes would smell from so much sweating. Now, it is impossible to wash the shoes every now and then. So, if you are looking for fresh smelling shoes, you can easily do so by inserting tea bags into the shoes for a fresh smell.

9-Calm down the fiery sensation from Chilies:



Indian food is well-known for being spicy. The red color from chilies add to the taste of the dish but at the same time tends to burn your mouth and taste buds. In order to counteract the effect of chili in your mouth. You can drink a fresh cup of milk, or yogurt or the plain old bread to help cool down the fiery sensation.



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