How to experience the magic of Valentine’s Day

How to experience the magic of Valentine's Day

There is a magic that not everyone can always perceive and with the same intensity. There is a magic that only begins to spread in late January and which has men as protagonists. Sex, age, profession, nothing matters in this great game of enchantments and wonders. It is the magic of love, of that feeling that has its full expression on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. This year, it is Sunday the day of lovers, as if to say that even more, it is a special day, a rest for those feelings that are harsh and not welcome. Valentine’s Day is the day when you can whisper her beauty in your ear, the day when you can show her all your love, which is not limited only to that date, but which is a love that has no boundaries, neither of time nor of space.

Why then celebrate Valentine’s Day only on Sunday? Original is the property of those who do not follow the mass, who can invent big things with few resources. So, you can be original and organize a fabulous Valentine’s Day, starting to celebrate your love on Friday 12 February. Remember that your love has no limits, neither time nor space. However, every superhero needs his tools to succeed in his exploits. Your weapon, undoubtedly one of the most important, is a bouquet of flowers. Roses, lilies or gerberas, choose the flower that can be a witness of your feelings, a messenger of your emotions. Faithful companions in your business are they, the florists: they work every minute to realize with hand what will be the image of your love. And every love is different, a bit ‘more romantic, a little’ more friend, a little ‘more complicit: all the loves in their diversity are entrusted to them, florists immersed in work and passion. It will, therefore, be necessary to order the flowers first to succeed in the enterprise!

I like business too, especially when it comes to feelings, love, and emotions. So let’s start: let’s make your Valentine together magical!

Prepare for Valentine’s Day on Friday 12 February

Feel a lion, a lion in love and sure of himself, a lion greedy for love and predator. That Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, it’s your chance to make this love day a weekend of love.

  • Send a beautiful bouquet of red roses on Friday 12 February or surprise them at the office with a Valentine’s gift
  • Book a romantic weekend in Rome or in a magical city

Surprise it Saturday, February 13th

Imagine her expression, when one day before Valentine’s Day she receives a wonderful bouquet of valentine flowers delivered directly at home. He will remain speechless and his heart will be full of happiness, especially if you manage to win our romantic weekend in Rome. For this, send a bouquet of flowers Saturday, February 13 and surprise when less expect it!

Spend with her all day on Valentine’s Day

The long-awaited day has finally arrived and, remember, your partner expects more attention than you would on a normal day.

– Bring your breakfast to bed with your partner. It’s always nice to eat in a comfortable position what you cooked with love

– Book a good relaxing massage in a wellness center, with rose petals and champagne

– Organize a romantic candlelit dinner at home

Monday: save those who can

If you forgot Valentine’s Day, prepare your suitcases because you’ve just committed one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Luckily, they say “better late than never”, so you’re still in time to surprise your sweet half, sending a bunch of flowers on Monday, February 15th and repairing the damage. With the bouquet you can always add excuses, with the hope that they will work:

  • The dog yesterday ate the flowers
  • You know that I am original and I do not like following the mass
  • I swear to you that the florists were closed true
  • I was in the shop when the fire alarm broke out

Tell me how you are preparing your Valentine’s Day and give life to the magic of love and this special day


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