Top 7 ways to a perfect digital detox


Being young and all decked up with energy, you just might not realize the fact that you would need a digital detox. Now, “Detox” is the holistic healing process that rids your body of the things that deteriorate your overall healthy being. The whole purpose of digital detox is to buy your body and soul some time away from the harmful negative ions and technology.

So let’s jump right in and take a look at some of the best ways to detox the old “You” from the digital world.

1-Learn how to get entertained without a screen:

With so many social media websites and people entertaining on screen, today we always see everyone glued to their phones, laptops, or TVs. Too much dependence on the same brings down your creativity and makes your tired and irritated when such entertainment isn’t available. Refresh the mind by giving yourself a few moments every day and let it wander with thoughts you never had time to think about. Hang out with friends, plan trips, or do something far far away from the invasion of technology.

2-Sleep Early:

Our body since ages has aligned itself with the day-and-night circle making it easier for us to sleep at night and be awake at daytime. With work demanding us to stay up late at night, our circadian rhythm goes haywire. If you think sticking to screens before going to bed isn’t that big a deal, then think again. Recent studies have revealed that these light emitting machines tend to break this important cycle and disrupt the sleep quality exponentially. So make sure you leave your screen away from the bed, at least, 2 to 3 hours before you are off to sleep.

3-Practice meditation before sleep:

As you come back from work, your mind and body are tired yet jam-packed with tension and stress of the day. Practicing meditation an hour before you go to sleep will help your mind and body, relax as you come down to zero in terms of tension. Your body will effectively channel the energy generated during meditation towards helping your brain relax and thereby inducing better sleep.

4-Read Books rather than watching TV:

If you are having troubles sleeping properly every night, make sure you try to reduce your exposure to bright rooms and a bright screen. As opposed to entertaining yourself with TV, smartphones, or any other source of media, it is rather important that you indulge in reading books. This will help you relax and who knows you might love that novel you wanted to read years back.

5-Take walk in greens:

It is important that detox should come with a relationship with the green surroundings. Plan a picnic with your loved ones to a local park, or go for jungle trekking and indulge in adventure journeys. This will help remove all the negative ions that have accumulated in your body and liberate you from the daily dose of tension.

6-Take it one step at a time:

Now, you might find it difficult to let go of all your digital equipment in a single go. Just like a smoker cannot let go of smoking instantaneously. Try to take it one step at a time. Start with limiting your daily exposure to smartphones. Slowly and steadily move forward to limiting other energy suckers that make you tired, irritated, and weary.

7-Dim the lights before sleep:

Almost everyone has a habit of going from bright light to zero when trying to go to sleep and thus end up tossing and turning with no sleep. Our body doesn’t actually work that way. Instead of completely switching off the light, try to stay in dim light about an hour or two before going to sleep. Now, remember not to watch movies or use your cellphone during this time. Rather listen to your favorite music as you close your eyes. You can also try and meditate with soft music in the background or sipping in some green tea to help your body relax.

Now that you know the best ways to detox your body, its time you get started but only after you have read your article completely though!


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