Daily habits you never knew could damage your brain


Almost on every social media page, blogs, websites, various books, podcasts, and even TV channels, everyone is talking about maintaining a healthy lifestyle to lead a disease-free life. But, in maintaining our health alone, more often than not we tend to forget about the health of our brain. Unknowingly we perform daily life activities that could be damaging to our brain. Let us dig in deeper, to know about the daily life activities that can be possessing serious threats to our brain.

1-Consumption of excessive salt:

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We all knew that consuming an excess of sugar on a daily-basis can severely affect our health, but now you can strike off another ingredient from your list –salt. Consumption of salt more than the amount that is required by our body can be very harmful. Also, the consumption of salt is known to be increasing our blood pressure level too. An increased blood pressure level can be very risky as it leads to cognitive health diseases and even sometimes a stroke, which will ultimately damage the functionality of your brain.


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If you spend most of your time isolating yourself from people or refrain from socializing; this could be harmful to your brain too. Just as your body requires exercise to remain healthy, your brain needs that too. When you make small talk with people or have meaningful conversations from time and again that will work as an exercise for your brain cells and they will continue to function properly.

When you talk to someone your thoughts are converted into language and then hearing the other person out and culminating response to it is sometimes important for your brain to remain healthy.

3-Being sleep deprived:

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The science behind how much is the exact amount of sleep required by our body is yet to be known. But, of course! We do not need science to tell us how we feel when we are sleep deprived even just for a day. Our focus is compromised, we behave in a very sluggish manner, and our mood travels to the opposite side of what’s called our best behavior. However, these are some of the symptoms that are known to almost all.

If you are sleep deprived for a longer period of time your memory shall be lost and your brain gets affected severely. Sleep is important for all the body mechanisms to function properly; during sleep is when our body releases the toxic by-products that may have accumulated throughout the day. If you deprive your body of sleep there are high chances of these poisonous substances to get accumulated in your brain cells that will ultimately damage your brain in the long run.

4-Doing a lot of tasks all at once:

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The people who multi-task can store very little information as compared to ones who finish one particular work at a time. This is obviously because your attention gets divided and as a result, the efficiency reduces. According to various research results, when you multi-task your IQ score is guaranteed to be reduced by at least 15 points and also this might result in damaging your brain cells severely.

It is noticed that the people who excessively multi-task the density of their anterior cingulate cortex is reduced. This part of the brain is highly responsible for controlling emotions and the center for empathy.

5-Excessive boozing:

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When the research was done on the brains of the people who consumed alcohol moderately, the results came out to be normal. However, when the brains of the people who have been constantly consuming alcohol for 30 years continuously were studied, it more like resulted in hippocampal atrophy. This area of the brain is mainly involved in spatial navigation and storage of memory.


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