9 amazing benefits of yoga in our daily life


Improve body’s flexibility: Imagine your body performing flexibility like Bruce Lee! Already thrilled now! What if I tell you, you can get the same flexibility like him? Cool Nah? The secret lies with “The Yoga”. Yes, with the help “Crocodile Posture Aasan” our human body can also twist in that way. Basically what happens, over time your muscles will decay and your joints will sink into a restricted scope of movement. So when you take your first yoga class, you will most likely be unable to touch your toes. Stay with it, and you will steadily see your body extricating up.

Reduces mental stress and anxiety: We all know that our “9 to 6” Job can be very stressful, moreover “Work Deadlines Pressure” and “Family issues” could make them even worse, in that situation you can de-stress yourself by performing half an hour of “Sav asana” and “Meditation” each. They will not only help you to relax but also calm down you from frustration.

Enhances Sleep Quality: Extreme stress and anxiety levels can lead to poor sleep or insomnia. With the help of “Yognidra Aasana” you can not only enhances your sleep quality but also can cure “insomnia”

Lower Blood Pressure: It’s critical to monitor and lower blood pressure if it is on the higher side, as it can be a prove major reason for heart attack, stroke, and other unfortunate cardiovascular occasions. Besides taking solutions, there are characteristics to approach towards lower blood pressure. Yoga is an incredible remedy for your blood pressure and heart. Performing “Sav Asana” daily can do the trick for you. It not only brings down your blood pressure levels but also improves the flexibility of body

Lower Blood Sugar level: This is good news for diabetic Yoga can bring down glucose levels when done on daily basis. Combined with an all-around balanced eating routine, this can go far towards keeping these levels inside limited parameters. Diabetic’s people are regularly encouraged to exercise and do yoga. “Vakrasana” on daily basis can prove very helpful for diabetic patients

Reduce Cholesterol Level: Cholesterol is a type of fatty acid that is found in our circulatory blood stream. While the body needs some cholesterol, a high of LDL cholesterol can be prompt a development of plaque in the conduits, blood clusters, heart attacks, and stroke. Stunningly enough, various reviews have indicated with the help of “10 Surya Namaskar Asana” a day and diet control they are able to bring down their cholesterol level.

Fine Posture: Continuously sitting on a particular chair for a long time & with a bad posture can lead to muscle fatigue in the lower back of the body and it may also be the reason for cervical pain, backaches, joint problems etc. Doing Yoga is very good for fine body posture especially “Katichakra Asana” which not only improves body posture & gesture but also improves body’s flexibility.

Increase Body Strength: Not at all like different sorts of exercises where you pump up your body with heavy weights & dumbles, with yoga, you just utilize your own bodyweight as resistance. Since yoga obliges you to go into and hold different positions, you will normally fortify your muscles. Try not to stress over your muscles getting exhausted with a similar old stance, however. While pretty much every yoga posture helps your body to assemble solid muscles, a portion of the best Incorporate “Surya namaskar, bakasana and different headstand”

Weight Loss: As we have discussed above Yoga not only helps you in increasing metabolism, flexibility, body posture and helps in constructing more strong muscles, two things are fundamental for weight loss. If you begin to eat all natural nourishments simultaneously performing out yoga on the daily routine you’ll probably observe the pounds falling off like quicker sands.


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