Women ring- material, styles and types

women ring

Women are fond of wearing jewellery. Rings are the most significant part of jewellery. It is an important part of a couple’s life. They show love, commitment and loyalty towards your partner. Women ring is the best gift to present to your partner. You can gift it on any occasion such as anniversary, wedding, engagement, birthday, etc. The woman will always cherish it. It is a simpler yet effective way to make your loved one feel special. Many different types of material and designs are available in the market for a woman ring. Make sure to choose the best jewellery company to give you the quality items.

Various materials for women ring:

In the ornament market, women rings are available in a wide range of materials, styles and designs. Before buying a ring make sure to choose the best type of material which have a long life. The wedding rings are used for a lifetime you cannot compromise on the quality of the material. Let’s have a look at the material used to make women rings:

  • Gold: Gold is the most preferred material for a ring. It is the sign of wealth and property as well. You have a choice of colour in case of gold rings such as white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.
  • Silver: Silver is the best option if you are tight on budget. It is unique and attractive at the same time.
  • Diamond: Diamond is the most valuable type of material for the women ring. It is a bit expensive but it’s worth buying. You partner will be happy ever after if you give her a diamond ring.
  • Platinum: Platinum is the most durable form of metal. In doesn’t involve other metals in it. It is good for a ring to gift.

Various styles of women ring:

Women love wearing different styles of rings. The styles and designs matter a lot in case of rings. Before buying a ring makes sure to decide the style of ring you want to wear. Everyone has a mental image of the dream ring they want. Portray that out and get the best women to ring for you. Let’s have a look at the various styles of women rings:

  • Plain wedding rings: Plain wedding rings are preferred the most. These rings are comfortable and easy to get. You can buy them in any material you want. They are strong. These rings are the best way to present as a gift as well.
  • Eternity rings: The eternity rings are the most unique type of rings. They are best as an engagement ring. As the word eternity suggests, it represents foreverness of a relation. These rings are shaped as infinity.
  • Sapphire rings: Sapphire rings add a style and grace to your wedding set. They look pretty attractive because of the beautiful sapphires attached.

Types of women rings:

Rings are used to giving an elegant and aesthetic look to your dressing. Rings are an important part of a jewellery set. You set is incomplete without a ring in it. There are certain types of women ring that you can get according to the event. Let’s have a look at these types of rings:

  • Promise rings: Promise rings are given to your partner when you decide to propose them. It shows that you promise you will stay with them for your whole life.
  • Engagement rings: Engagement rings are designed in many ways. Mostly the diamond rings are preferred to give to make your loved one happy.
  • Ring for a left-hand finger: The women ring is usually worn in the ring finger. People say that the vein of the ring finger of the left hand is directly connected to your heart.
  • Purpose of eternity ring: These rings are given to show that you will live with your partner for forever.


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