Biggest and most influential Instagram trends of the year


Apart from the mainstream designers, the social media platform named Instagram is full of fashion influencers with several dedicated followers. Today, when you ask your friend where he/she learned this special dressing technique, the answer most probably would be Instagram or Pinterest. So, let’s take a look at some of the best and most popular trends of the year on Instagram.

1-Beaded Bags:

The generation today is voting for more authentic and handcrafted items. Back in the days, beaded items weren’t as loved as they are today for the current generation. The fashionistas today come with an admiration for hand-made fashion that sets you apart from other and that is what trends today on Instagram. Best yet, beaded bags come at competitive prices while setting up their very own niche in fashion.

2-Belted Swimsuit:

The summers this year saw a whole new trend with the introduction of belted swimsuits. The present generation of divas on Instagram has invented a way to take fashion up a step with this funky look by the sea. The belt, when added to a one-piece suit, adds an illusion of partition which makes the cloth look particularly segmented and good to go for a nice day out.

3-Turtle Neck Dresses:

We have all heard about the turtle neck sweaters or blouses but this year, in particular, took styling up a notch. Turtlenecks introduced in dresses over Instagram has surely made fashion a unique prospect for every young diva. A gorgeous long dress with side slit and a turtle neck surely makes for the perfect outfit for a day out.

4-Bike Shorts:

Bike shorts have been in trend for long and that is for a quite good reason. They can easily be paired with your perfect top or blazer to make you look sassy and sexy. Not only do they trend over Instagram, but they also trend on the runway. Fashionistas on Instagram have been styling this amazing trend with color block tailored blazers that look quite stunning.

5-Chain-Link Necklace:

While the summers brought gold layered necklaces with pendant, the winters are all the more stylish with chain-link necklaces that you can see all over the Instagram platform. These necklaces look perfect with a bold dress that comes with the sweetheart neckline.

6-Animal Prints:

Animal prints went out of fashion quite long ago. Back in the 90s, they rocked the fashion shows but with time they faded away. However, the recent boom among Instagram users has brought in this long lost trend back to the ramp and streets. Whether it is the roaring tiger print or the beautiful leopard print, if sexy is what you have been thinking for that party, give these prints a try and you surely will rock the stage with your moves.



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