5 common fashion mistakes you can make when in 30s


The Thirties is the time in your life when you are amid the transitioning from carefree young life to a responsible adult. You might discover a new sense of style with a comfortable approach to your body type. However, at times, your judgment for dressing might go haywire and you could commit major fashion mistakes.

Here are the common fashion mistakes committed by the divas in their 30s.

1-Clingy Clothes:

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The worst fashion mistake you can commit in the 30s is opting for clingy clothes. Keep in might that we aren’t saying you to wear very loose clothes. You should opt away from wearing clingy and undersized clothes regardless of how thin or fit you are. Wearing something too tight would always look awkward and weird.

2-Proper Sizing:

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Your body changes with time and it’s important that you understand it. You should know exactly what to wear with proper sizing. So, make sure you get in touch with a reliable tailor that can make your loose or tight clothes fit in the best way. Clothes that highlight your curves in the best way to go as you hide your weaknesses with proper silhouettes.

3-Don’t Overdo Your Makeup:

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The first thing that you need to know is too much of makeup can be a bad thing at any particular age. It can damage your skin as it gets sensitive with age and makes you look older than you actually are. Try and opt for subtle tricks that highlight the face. Ensure that the face has only one part highlighted in one go such as lips or eyes.

4-Jewelry Overload:

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Now, your collection of jewelry might be bigger than the biggest mountain but this doesn’t state that you should wear them all in a single go. The trick here is to use one statement piece at a time. Maybe dim down on your neckpiece if you are wearing a dazzling earring. Make sure you do not distract people with bling-bling all over the body. Make sure that you keep a single piece of jewelry as the highlight of your entire attire.

5-Improper Grooming:

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The major mistake one can make in their thirties is to avoid regular grooming sessions. You might forget a manicure session or much-needed haircut in your busy schedule but this doesn’t mean that you willingly postponed it. If you can, make sure you find some time for grooming yourself and take care of those frizzy hairs, chipped nails, and dry feet. Remember, your body has millions of cells dying every day, so make sure you take care of the new ones by grooming your body properly.



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