Unique career choices apart from medical and engineering


Every student reaches the stage wherein they have to think about the best career option for themselves. The answer to this life-changing and important decision was pretty simple until around a few years ago. Lawyer, Engineer, Doctor and if nothing worked out, engage in a Government job. However, things have drastically changed now. The ever-changing technology and evolution of the internet have led to the creation of many unique career options.

Let’s look into seven new and unique career opportunities available in India today which can help in not just paying the bills but also make work enjoyable.


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Are you a person who loves going on adventures like hikes, treks, camping with your friends? Do you like waking up early morning, take in the fresh air and beauty of Mother Nature surrounding you? If the answer to these two questions is a ‘yes’ then you can consider mountaineering as a career option for you. There are several mountaineering career choices to select from for the ones who are really interested. For instance, you can consider becoming a professional mountain climbing or trek guide and start your own outdoor sports agency or can even assist other climbers.


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This profession is one of the best career choices available which is gradually picking up in India. With so many food-centric TV shows garnering a huge fan base, cooking isn’t exclusive to just the housewives anymore. In fact, cookery now has been turned into a favored career choice which boosts the name as well as the fame of skilled chefs. So, if you love food and cooking and have a passion to explore culinary delights then becoming a chef can be a sought-after career for you.


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Being an Environmentalist is another interesting career choice you can explore in India. With the increasing threat of climate change and global warming today, having experts to deal with them has become a primary concern. Environmentalists work as an eco-warrior and help preserve, protect as well as conserve the environment. The worldwide demand for a greener and cleaner Earth is on a rise which is why the demand of environmentalists is believed to hike by around eleven percent in the next 2-3 years.

Food or wine taster:

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For all the gastronomes out there, the job as an ice cream taster, cake taster, tea master, candy taster, wine taster, etc can make a good career choice. Sommelier is the formal term given to a wine tester professionally. Those of you who are really interested can enroll in wine tasting classes which are offered by many hospitality institutions and schools these days. Besides the food industry, food and wine taster can also consider employment opportunities with travel and lifestyle magazines. This offers them the chance to visit different places across the world, taste the wine as well as the famous food items there and then report about them to the audience.

Psychologist/Clinical Therapist:

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The busy and hectic lifestyle which people lead today is a major cause of stress. A professional psychologist is basically a trained therapist that helps detect as well as treat the emotional and mental issues one is facing. The field comprises of several different focus areas such as family therapy, marriage therapy, behavioral therapy, mental health counseling, etc. Hence, if you have attributes such as compassion, patience, good communication, and problem-solving skills then becoming a psychologist can be a good choice of career for you.

Spa management:

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A nice spa session helps you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Spa management, as well as training, is a profession which isn’t so common in India. In fact, there are many people who haven’t even heard about it. So then, from where do the spa firms get those incredible therapists and masseurs? Well, there are spa training institutes which will make you learn everything about this profession and help you make a career in it. When you earn a proper degree and training as a therapist or masseur, you can a fair amount of income, which keeps increasing with experience.

Pet grooming:

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If you are a hardcore animal lover then a pet grooming course can help you get a chance to work much more closely with animals. The job of a professional pet groomer is to improve hygiene as well as the appearance of a pet. Starting from the animal’s bathing up to observing any kind of health problem, an expert pet groomer needs to everything. You can consider taking the profession as full time or part time basis the fondness and passion you have for pets which generally include cats and dogs.

So, go ahead and choose a unique career option depending on your skills and passion and carve your own niche across the globe.


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