How to know if your child is the bully or one being bullied?


In recent times, bullying has become a serious issue among school going children. It is very important for every parent to know whether their child is facing any such kind of situation. Usually finding out about your child being bullied is easier as compared to know if your child is the bully. Behavioral changes are the first thing for the parents to notice and you can do so by constantly talking to your children about their emotions and observe their way of communications. Listed are some of the signs for you to notice in your child to know if your child is the bully or one being bullied.

Signs that show your child is the bully:

1-Your child is having troubles to sleep:

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Studies show that children suffering from lack of sleep or any sleeping related issues are proven to be involved in matters of bullying. These children often tend to cause troubles due to disrupted sleeping habits. If you notice any such signs, consult a specialist to help your child from sleeping related problems and prevent bullying too.

2-You have constant complaints from the school:

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If you are constantly facing complaints from your child’s school regarding your child’s aggressive or dominant behavior, you more likely are having a bully at home. Look out for signs of fighting or any kind of aggression if displayed by your child. If you do notice any signs don’t hesitate to consult with an expert, in this manner you can stop your child from bullying others.

3-Your child is having behavioral issues:

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If you constantly notice your child being hot-headed or getting frustrated easily, it is time you took care of his behavior. According to experts kids who tend to get easily irritated are often the bullies. Look for the underlying signs in your child’s everyday attitude in order to prevent bullying.

4-If any kind of violence is taking place around your child:

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Mostly issues related to bullying shown by a child are ignited from any kind of violence taking place at home. Where good-parenting can solve almost all the issues, similarly having very little communication with your child at home can lead to some emotional traumas faced by the child. Therefore, before anything else look out for your relationship with your child and stop any form of violence at home to prevent your child from bullying others.

Signs that show your child is being bullied:

1-Your child is suddenly avoiding socialization:

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Every parent knows if their child is too shy if that is not the scenario and your child has suddenly stopped talking about their friends and spending less time interacting with people than usual. It is about time for you to ask questions. Talk to your child and know if they are having any bullying related issues at their school or surroundings.

2-Your child having injuries that are unexplained:

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Minor accidents or injuries do happen with children in the growing stage as they tend to play or perform a lot of physical activities at school. But if you are constantly finding your child having injuries that are unexplained or your child is not being honest about that the bruises, you need to take the matters into your hand. Find out the reasons for those scrapes or injuries from school and help your child from being bullied.

3-Sudden changes in eating habits:

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Is your child constantly returning from school hungry because he/she didn’t have their lunch or maybe skipping dinners most of the days? You should note the changes in the eating habits of your child because more often than not emotional traumas affect our eating habits. Take care of your child and have regular communication to know if your child is facing any form of bullying.

4-The self-esteem of your child seems to have decreased:

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If you notice your child being overly concerned about his/her looks or showing very low self-esteem then there are chances that your child is being bullied. Take out some time to talk to your child and let them know that he/she is special to boost up their confidence.

As parents, it is your responsibility to look out for your child very carefully and guide them from having any form of emotional abuse. Notice any sudden changes shown by your children to find out if your child is the bully or the one being bullied and therefore take necessary steps to prevent bullying from happening.


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