The key differences between Marketing and Sales


When working with moderate companies we often hear Sales and Marketing as synonyms. Although, sales and marketing work side by side, in reality, they are very different terms that require different skills and even function differently. Every business knows that operation means manufacturing of products, accounting is related to the maintaining of record and control of financial matters and sales is all about selling stuff. Now let us tell you what marketing is and notify you about the differences between sales and marketing.

Definition of Sales:

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A team of members who sell whatever is in the stocks is appointed under Sales management. These members sell the specific products manufactured by the company or provide the required services. The basic job of the employees working under the Sales department is to develop a relationship between the potential client and the partners of the channel. The Sales staffs leave no stones unturned in overcoming the obstructions and negotiate the terms and prices of products to be sold and work efficiently to fulfill the need of their customers. The Sales team of the company focuses on the targets set weekly, monthly, or on a quarterly basis that gives an inside outlook about the customer’s demand to the Company.

Definition of Marketing:

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The employees of the Marketing department focus on understanding the marketplace of the Company according to their customer’s requirements and guide the Company to secure a safe place in the future. The key job is to identify the segment of potential clients and lead the organization to compete profitably. The strategy is to help the organization see the demands of the distribution channel or the targeted audience and make necessary modifications to their product or services. The Marketing team needs to attract potential clients by using the necessary tactics and making modified and build up a strong loyalty with their end customers.

How do marketing and sales work side by side?

Marketing guides the sales in finding their potential clients and lets Sales know as to what ammunition are needed to be used. The most important role that Marketing plays is in identifying the requirements of their clients in the near future. This helps the Sales in planning out their strategy to sell their products in the marketplace, way ahead of time. The synchronized working of Sales and Marketing enables the growth of the entire organization.

It is very difficult to be a part of Sales and Marketing both, at a time. As the former focuses on the requirements of their customers in the present and the latter finds out about the demands to be fulfilled later in the future. The secret of a Company to grow is to maintain their focus on the direction towards the future. The CEO of most companies performs this job while a Sales support is appointed and entitled as Marketing which often affects the growth rate of the Company and puts pressure on the CEO. Therefore separating the roles of Marketing and Sales is the ultimate requirement for the growth of the organization. While the Sales team will focus on enhancing today’s business and Marketing will focus on where should the Company be headed to in the upcoming times.


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