Best Webseries To Watch on Youtube & Amazon Prime in India in 2018

Best web series in India

There is no doubt that the world is changing at the rapid speed.  Not just that, the meaning of entertainment is also changed a lot as now you don’t have to stick in front of your television for completing the episodes. More like the torture of watching advertisements between your episodes is finally ended, now you don’t have to do that anymore. These days’ people are more interested in something which is short, easy to access and enjoyable at the same time. They don’t want time or place restriction. Now they can enjoy their favorite shows anytime they like, it can be your launch hour or just late night time.  Hands down but ‘Webisode’ is turned out a great revolution that changed the whole dynamic of watching series.  They don’t just offer the vast options in genres but them also bringing the most interesting, unique and entertaining web series for the audience.

If you are bored to death, here is the list of series that you should watch!

Indian web series are exploring the different side and genres. Thanks to production house like TVF, Arre, Bindass etc who are taking big steps toward the web series section. These production houses are bringing up the dramas and stories like Permanent roommates,  Yeh Meri family, official Chukyagiri which is based on today’s real-life problems and life.

Well, here you are going to read the best production houses who are producing some real gems in Web series that everyone needs to watch!

TVF (The Viral Fever)


TVF or The viral fever is one of the most famous online YouTube channel launched in 2010 by TVF media labs.  The founder of the TVF Arunabh Kumar shared that the main reason behind TVF is to reach the core generation of young age who want entertainment on free terms.

Dramas to watch:-

#Yeh Meri family

Director: Sameer Saxena

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Season and episodes: Yeh meri family is currently completed its first season with 7 episodes

Yeh Meri Family is a story set on backdrop 90s and the summer holidays back then.  The story focus on harshu who is 12 years old and his family, it’s a journey which will take you to the nostalgic memories which will make you understand the importance of family and friends.

Where you can watch: The series is released on 12 July 2018. You can watch the series on YouTube and TVF Play

# Permanent Roommates

Directed by:  Sameer Saxena and Deepak Kumar Mishra

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Seasons and episodes: Until now there is two season with 13 episodes overall

The debut web series of TVF, Permanent Roommates are one of the most loved series with highest views on YouTube. The story is based on commitment-phobic Tanya who is in a Long-term relationship with Mikesh. Surprisingly, One day Mikesh visit Tanya with a marriage proposal.  Tanya who was not ready for anything clearly denies the proposal and tells him to go back. However, in the end, the couple decides to start living together for understanding the marriage concept better. But Tanya’s premarital pregnancy changes the whole dynamic of the story.

Where you can watch:  TV Play / YouTube

 # TVF Pitchers

Directed by: Amit Golani

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Season and episodes: There is one season for now with 5 episodes

The story of TVF pictures revolves around the struggle between corporate and internship without taking a complete side.  Basically, it’s about four friends Naveen, Jitu, Yogi and Mandal who want to quit their job and want to start their own startup company. However, things don’t go as they planned and the four guys face difficult challenges which let them think again about what exactly they are looking for.

Where you can watch: TVFplay

# TVF Tripling

Directed by: Rajesh Krishnan

Genre: Drama

Seasons and Episodes:  The total season is one with five episodes

The story starts with Chandan who is an elder brother and currently divorced. He visits to meet Chitavn who is the youngest brother and working as DJ but running from collectors who want him to clear his debt.  Both brothers start a journey together and decide to meet their sister Chchancal. Little they know that Chanchal is suffering from her own battles and fake pregnancy in the royal palace. The story proceeds, when three of siblings discover their relationship, hidden secrets and value of the relationship through a road journey.

Where you can watch: TVFplay, YouTube

 # Humorously Yours

Directed by: Amit Golani

Genre: Semi-Autobiographical, a comedy-drama

Season and episode:  there is one episode with four episodes till now. However, the next season is going to announce soon.

The show is a semi-autobiographical based on Vipul Goyal who is a TVF Writer and stand-up comedian. The story shows the struggle and journey of Vipul and how he faced different challenged to become a standup comedian. Not just that, it was one of the most famous series of the year

Where you can watch: TVFplay, YouTube


One of the content platforms based on Indian entrainment launched in the year 2016, Arre is famous for its audio series, web series and documentaries. Apart from that, The Company also produces videos through their online channels. Also, Arre is officially founded by B.sai Kumar, Ajay Chacko, and Sanjay Ray. The online content platform basically focuses on different genres like comedy,   thriller, drama, and entertainment.

 Dramas to watch:

# I Don’t Watch TV

Directed by: Ajay Singh, Mohanjeet Kalsi, and Ashwin Pal

Genre: Sitcom

Season and episodes: There is one season for now where 5 episodes available to watch

The sitcom is created and produced by Nakuul Mehta who is one of the famous television actors. The actor brings the dark side of the television and how things work. Also, the story focuses on different sides on the life of television actors and actress in India.

Where you can watch: YouTube

# A.I.SHA – My virtual girlfriend

Directed by: Sahir Raza

Genre: Fiction, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Season and episodes:  There are two seasons with 13 episodes overall

Sam, 26 years old guy with genius mind working as an app developer in the Future lens. He develops feelings for his colleague Kriti but being a loner, he can’t manage to talk or tell about his feelings to her. On another side, his boss Sid who is basically a megalomaniac person and he like to make Sam’s life like hell.  The story revolves around a person like Sam trying to make his life steady and for proving his worth, he decides to create an AI  virtual assistant ‘ Aisha’.  However, things turn worst when Sam’s friend Siddu decide to go against and start threatening him about Aisha. Not just that, during the whole process, Aisha falls in love with Sam.

Where you can watch: Arre, YouTube

# Official Chukyagiri

Directed by: Sizil Srivastava

Genre:  Comedy, Drama

Season and episodes: It’s a miniseries with only 5 episodes

The story focuses on the life of intern Spandan Chukya who wants to become someone important in every person’s life. Basically, he belongs to the rural area but his dreams landed him in the company ANALOG.  Spandan shows the real struggles of an intern and how his point of view changes when he understands the real world of MNC and their people.

After the first season was out, the makers announced the second season ‘Official CEOgiri’ featuring Sumeet Vyas.

Where you can watch: Arre, YouTube

# Official CEOgiri

Directed by:  Jaideep Singh

Genre: Office drama, comedy

Seasons and episode: Extended version of Official Chukyagiri with 5 episodes

The story focuses on ‘boss drone’ also known as D, Dil or Dilwar Rana played by Sumeet Vyas.  The season shows the person behind the drone who control the office using Drone. Well, the reason is Dilwar Rana is suffering from SAD (society anxiety disorder) which not let him meet people or even maintain an eye contact with anyone.  However, because of this the company is now going to face downfall and there is only one person that the company wants to come and fight, and its non-other than the CEO Dilwar Rana.

Where to watch: Arre, YouTube


The channel was launched by CEO Zarina Mehta on 24th September in the year 2007. Also, the channel is owned by Disney India media networks. The basic idea is to target the youth and to cover the taste they want in the entertainment.  The channel was started with some iconic shows of its era like Sun Yaar Chill Maar, Lagegi, 3RD degree with Ugesh sarcar etc.

 Dramas to watch :-

# The Trip

Directed by: Lakshya Raj

Genre: female buddy, drama

Season and episode: for now there is only one season with 13 episodes, however season 2 going to on air soon.

The story of Trip is based on four friends who decide to go on a road trip.  However, during the journey from Delhi to Thailand, they discover the meaning of friendship and relationship, dealing with the different situation together.  Also, the trip is celebrating the bachelorette life and bond of friendship between these four girls.

Where you can watch:  Bindass, YouTube

 # Kota Toppers

Directed by: Nehaal Ahmad

Genre: Comedy

Season and episode: For the first season, there are only 13 episodes.

Kota topper story is about seven students who are not just different on their background basis but they all have different life purpose and aims, but somehow they all end up together in Kota  IIT college where they meet witty, funny but embarrassing professor Vardhan.

Where you can watch: Bindass

 # Yeh Hai Aashiqui

Directed/ created by: Vikas Gupta

Genre: Romance

Season and episode:  Number of the total seasons is 4, episodes 144.

It’s an anthology series that shows covers different love stories based on different people. Religion, concept, cast etc. the stories are about how people manage to fall in love where the world is against with their relationship. Also, how some people find the courage to break down all taboos and rules in order to get their love?

Where you can watch: Bindass, YouTube

# Life Lafde aur bandiyan

Directed/ creator by: Chirag Mahabal

Genre: Comedy, college drama

Season and episodes:  Second season‘s teaser is out, but for the first season others are 15 episodes only

Life Lafde aur bandiyan is a youth serial based on three friends Rishab, Chewang, and Puppy who are in their 20s. Three of them are a total joker and consider as a loser in their campus. However, Things get interesting when they decide to make themselves legend and get rid of the loser tag forever.

Where you can watch: Bindass, Dailymotion

 # Girl in the city

Directed by: Samar Iqbal

Genre: Drama

Season and episode: Season 3 is still going

The first two season of the Girl in the story was a journey of Meera Sehgal who actually came from a small town but tries to adjust herself in a big city like Mumbai.  The story deals with different life difficulties and how Meera fight against every battle so she can chase her dream.

Where you can watch:  YouTube, Bindass


Owned by Viacom 18 and launched on March 2016, Voot is an application that is only available in India. For IOS users and Android users, Voot is available as an app, however for the desktop users, it is available as a website.  Voot is a platform where trending or on-demand videos or shows are offered for the viewers.  It includes different channels like MTV, colors, and Nickelodeon. Also, Voot is covering languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and Marathi.

However, Voot originals also launched different streaming shows and series targeting different topic and genre.

 Drama to watch:

# Time Out

Directed by: Danish Aslam

Genre:  Comedy, drama

Season and episodes:  There is only one season where 6 episodes are telecasted

Timeout is a story about a couple Rahul and Radha who are living together for 7 years and now they are married. Well, where everything is going right, Rahul has his job, perfect wife and romantic relationship but Radha’s pregnancy make him realized that he was not supposed to live like this. The story deals with the couple and their crisis also shows the journey of Rahul and Radha‘s modern day relationship.

Where you can watch: Voot

 # Untag

Directed by: Ashima Chibber

Genre: Drama

Episode:  its one season with 6 episodes

Untag is featuring stories of 6 different characters who are imposed with a tag like fat, ugly, dark, gay etc. The story shows their struggle to break down the tag and live their life freely. Also, the 6 different characters follow their dream and passion instead of sticking with the tag that is given by the society and the people

Where you can watch: Voot

 # It’s not that simple

Directed by: Danish Aslam

Genre: Drama

Season and episode:  Miniseries with 6 episodes, however, the second season is officially announced

Based on an urban housewife who is not happy with her life and marriage, however, she still manages to live with that until she was invited for her school reunion where she also finds her two ex-boyfriends. The series is showing the journey of a housewife and how she decides to break the rules and set her own.

Where you can watch: Voot


It’s a part of TVF (The viral fever) network, Timeliners shows the web series based on entertainment and young generation.  They are showing a different aspect of a youngster’s life and their problems that they have to face. Timeliners focus on different genres like comedy, romance, an age of youth etc.

 Drama to watch :-

# College Romance

Directed by: Simarpreet Singh

Genre: Comedy, drama, romance

Season and episode: Season one with 5 episodes

The story explores the college life of three best friends, Karan, trippy and Naira.  The series shows the different aspects of Adulting, featuring the importance of love, friends and college life.  It’s a hilarious ride of three best friends and how they help each other.

Where you can watch: YouTube

# Engineering Girls

Directed by: Apoorv Singh Karki

Genre: Drama, comedy

Season and episode: there is one season, and 5 episodes to watch

The story of three girls Maggu, Teja, and Sabu who want to leave own mark on the world, the series explores the new side by focusing on engineering hostels and life of three feisty girls together.  Not just that, it also focuses on the journey of finding love, facing troubles a staying together to achieve what these three girls want.

Where you can watch: YouTube

# Flames

Directed by: Apoorv Singh Karki

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Season and episode: The number of a season is one and episodes are 5

Focusing on the innocent time of falling in love in 90’s teenage.  The story of flames shows Rajat who fall for Ishita, a new student in their tuition.  The series shows different sides of innocent love and teenage romance at the time of the 90s.  It also explores the stage of life where getting good marks and finding the love of the life was one two most important aim in a teenager life.

Where you can watch: YouTube

Dice Media

Dice media is a sister channel of Gobble and Filtercopy, making web series and different shows based on different genre and topics. The media focus on young generation and things from their side.

Dramas to watch:-

# Adulting

Directed by: Jessica Sadana

Genre: Comedy

Season and episode: the Overall season is one, and the episode is 5

Two young women who are trying best to balance everything and to behave like adults, the story focus on their life and how they struggle to keep everything in its place. It also shows the different take on adulthood by the lead characters Ray and Nikhat who want to live their adulthood in their own way.

Where you can watch : YouTube

 # Little things

Directed/ created by: pocket ace

Genre:  comedy, romance

Season and episode: Overall number of the season is one with episode 5; however season 2 is soon going to stream on Netflix

The series is showing sweet, small and memorable part of love that every couple enjoys in their normal life. Little things are about two couple kavya and Dhruv, and their sweet normal love story.  Also, the series breaks the clichés as there is no life hurdles, climax or anything.

Where you can watch: YouTube

# What the folks

Directed By: Danish Aslam

Genre:  Drama, comedy

Season and episode: One season till now, and 5 episodes to watch

The story of Nikhil and his struggle when he was forced that he has to live with his wife’s family. The journey of how they break the stereotypic rules and cover the gap created due to generation. The sweet, funny and realistic drama is showing the different side of the modern family

Where you can watch: YouTube


Amazon Prime

Amazon prime videos are owned by, it’s a platform for on-demand shows, series, and movies.  Here, they cover different genres, languages, and countries, bringing the most on-demand shows and series for the audience.  Not just that, amazon prime videos also has their own shows and series based on different topics.


Drama to watch:-

# Breathe

Directed By: Mayank Sharma

Genre:  Thriller, Drama, crime

Season and episode: There is one season where 8 episodes to watch

Following its tagline ‘ how far you will go to protect the one you love’, the story shows the struggle of single father Danny who wants to keep his only son Josh alive at any cost and for that, he wants organ transparent. In order to make that happen, he starts murdering the organ donors who lead him to the next and last person who is also an ex-wife of crime brand officer Kabir.

Where you can watch: Amazon prime video

# Laakhon Mein Ek

Directed By: Abhishek Sengupta

Genre: Drama

Season and Episode: Season is one till now with a total episode of 6

Aakash Gupta has his dream to become an internet sensation and that’s why he wants to become a mimicry artist. But his father wanted him to become an engineer and for that, he sends him to coaching institution where he shifted to section D, the class of worst students.

Where you can watch: Amazon Prime videos

# Bang Baja Baarat

Directed/ created By: Y- Films / Anand Tiwari

Genre: Comedy

Season and episode: There is only one season with 5 episodes

The story focuses on Indian fat wedding and how things collide when two polar opposite family came together. Pawan and Shahana are two people who fall in love after their one-night stand and decide to have a destination wedding. But things turn twisty when the wedding becomes messy because of two different culture and mindset.

Where you can watch:  YouTube, Amazon prime video

 # Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare

Directed by: Vikas Chandra

Genre: Comedy

Season and episodes: There is one season with 8 episodes

The story revolves around Ronny and his lie that he is the nephew of local MLA and going to be a future leader. Because of this, he solves people problem to make his reputation. But in reality, he is just a 25 years guy with no job and only shares his last name with the local MLA.  In order to maintain his lie, Ronny has to face different situations where he uses his mind and intelligence.

Where you can watch: Amazon prime videos


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