About us

Boring Gossip

Since time immemorial, humans have had a knack for curiosity & learning. Bringing these elements in the forefront is Boring Gossip. We serve as your go to website whenever you are in need of a reliable platform with knowledge-packed content that isn’t boring or too lame to spend time reading. We curate some of the most asked questions and bring their answers to you in the best and most-relatable ways.

Why Boring Gossip?

Boring Gossip isn’t your average blogging website with textual content that gets monotonous with time. As a team of creative crafters and wordsmiths, we ensure that each phrase or words added to the content is easy to understand with graphic representation that stands accurate to the story being laid out.

The Team

The team behind Boring Gossip comprises of passionate writers, researchers, journalists, and graphic designers who work together to pour out some of the juiciest and promising content with continual potential for experimentation.

How it started?

Boring Gossip was developed in 2017 as a platform dedicated to dispatch of informative articles and blog posts that help you decode things you never understood or want to know more about. We cover everything from AIs to Health/fitness requirements. Whether you are looking for marketing tactics or some spicy Bollywood gossip, our curators have everything in place for you.